We design and install Advanced Wastewater Treatment Solutions in the Caribbean region incorporating the leading global technologies available for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and water reuse projects. Wastewater treatment is used to safeguard our water quality and protect against pollution of the environment.

Our Capabilities:

  • Cost effective retrofits/upgrades to existing wastewater treatment plants.
  • New ‘design & build’ or modular ‘packaged plant’ installations.
  • Operations and maintenance (O&M) services.

The growing demand for us to treat and reuse wastewater sources is influenced by drought, effects of climate change, increasing water scarcity and pollution. These factors exert pressure to augment our existing water supplies and employ new technologies to safeguard the environment.

We can provide wastewater treatment solutions and service to satisfy the varied treatment needs of municipalities, engineering consultants, property developers and industry in the Caribbean.

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology combines conventional wastewater treatment using the ‘activated sludge process’ with membrane technology as the final filtration barrier.

MBR technology is now well proven worldwide and is a ‘technology of choice’ for wastewater treatment and water reuse initiatives:


  • Removes harmful micro-organisms
  • Compact modular design
  • Less sludge generation than conventional treatment
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Consistent high quality effluent
  • Approved technology for wastewater Reuse


A membrane bioreactor is a biological process utilising a semi-permeable hollow fibre membrane as the final filtration barrier.

Treatment Steps: Pre-screening, Aeration, Membrane Filtration, Sludge Management and Water production for Reuse

Step 1: Wastewater influent is screened to remove particulates.

Step 2: 
Screened wastewater is pumped to an aeration tank. Biological degradation occurs and air is introduced into the system to aid the biological process.

Step 3
: The wastewater is then transferred to a membrane tank which houses a membrane bioreactor module. The treated wastewater is pulled through to the inside of the fine fibres by vacuum and is collected ready for disinfection by chlorination and/or ultra violet (UV).

Step 4: The biomass/sludge generated by the degradation process is transferred periodically from the membrane tank for safe disposal.


Tertiary treatment systems are now being utilised to treat industrial waste water and domestic sewage making it suitable for water reuse applications. Water reuse is now a common consideration for integrated water management planning to augment existing water resources in the future.

In many rural areas and near shore locations in the Caribbean membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology is being considered for decentralised /satellite installations. These systems are being installed at sites for community housing or tourism development projects to replace the use of septic tanks where there is no mains sewerage.

The advantage of MBR technology and other tertiary treatment technologies is that the treated wastewater can be made readily available for reuse purposes such as aquifer recharge or landscaping.

Potential applications for water reuse;

  • Municipal Wastewater Treatment: new satellite plants or retrofit of an existing conventional wastewater system.
  • Hotel Resorts and Golf Courses : privately owned systems allowing  water reuse for landscaping or aquifer recharge on-site.
  • Residential Developments : an effective and safe alternative to suck wells.
  • Institutional Buildings, Airports & Stadiums : compact and reliable on-site installations for public buildings.
  • Industrial  Manufacturing – treated wastewater can be used for wash down practices or aquifer recharge.